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  • ConX50 Modular Conveyer Kit

    The internal material flow using conveying technology still is a core function in intralogistics. Stowing, distributing, sequencing and transporting are the main tasks here.The key characteristics of conveying systems are reliability, modularity and energy efficiency.

    Wegener + Stapel designed the Modular Conveyer Kit ConX50, taking into account market requests and bringing in fifty years of experience in developing and constructing conveying technologies.

    ConX50 is charcterized by its strict modularity and the 24V drive concept:

    Zero-pressure and maximum energy efficienc!



    Features and advantages

    • Up to 50kg payload per container/loading unit
    • Optimized for conveying applications with loading device 600 mm*400 mm
         Other dimensions are possible
    • 24V and 400V components available
    • Throughputs up to 1,200 loading units per h
    • Very low noise emission
    • Minimal maintenance
    • Low energy consumption (24V)
    • Designed for maximum flexibility and optimum economy
    • Optimized total costs (TCO)

    To the overview of the modular components »click here




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