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    Lifting and cross transport ...

    ... to rework and repair zone

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    Transfer station ...

    ... to final casing assembly of washing machines

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    Provision for shipment ...

    ... with roller conveyor technology and transfer carriage

    Production Buffer at Bosch Siemens Hausgerätewerk (Household Devices) in Nauen

    The installed accumulation chain conveyor solution, consisting of main and side assembly line and a product buffer, allows flexible and efficient workflow in the entire assembly process.

    This was achieved by interlinking of housing production with the final assembly area in combination with automated provision of the finished laundry machines at shipping.

    Wegener+Stapel planned and implemented the overall solution in close partnership with the planning team of Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte.

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    Scanner-station ...

    ... between goods reiceiving and high rack warehouse at Lever Faberge in Minden

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    Pre-zone high rack warehouse with double-carriage ...

    ... at Lever Faberge in Minden

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    Transport of coffee packages on roller conveyor ...

    ... at Tchibo in Berlin

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