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  • Project examples from the automotive industry

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    Distribution knot to balancing equipment

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    Wheel stacker with alignment unit

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    Fully automated loading

    from belt conveyor as buffer into trailer

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    Truck trailer with integrated conveying technology

    Ready to go with complete wheel sets for 56 cars

    Tyre Production and Logistics at Panopa Contract Logistics in Bischofsheim

    Panopa Contract Logistics assembles according to sequence wheelsets for the Opel plant at Rüsselsheim and delivers the wheelsets, by means of fully automated truck loading and unloadingr, ready for Installation at the assembly line.

    Planning and implentation of the conveying system was conducted by Wegener+Stapel in close cooperation with the operator Panopa and the customer Opel/GM.

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    Intermediate buffer after unloading of truck

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    Sequence-accurate distribution ...

    ...of right and left seats with provision at assembly line

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    Transposition area in topmost level underneath the roof

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    Crossing point of ...

    ...fully loaded and empty pallet return

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    Empty pallet buffer at lorry docking station

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    Trolley with integrated conveying technology ...

    ...for interconnecting transport on the road

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    Empty pallet stacker

    Seat Transport for Golf und Tiguan at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

    Fully automated seat supply fo three assembly lines and an additional in-plant transport with conveying technology based on roadworthy outdoor transport carriages. 

    Wegener+Stapel planned and implemented the transport and supply system for three assembly lines as well as the upgrades, modifications and optimisations with every model change .

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    Equipping of chassis with drive train

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    Toothed chain conveyor ...

    ... for chassis frames in longitudinal transport

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    Outlet from safety area ...

    ... of positioning lifters to equipping

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    Cross transport with tootehd chain conveyor ...

    ... to marriage with body

    Conveying System for Drive Train Assembly at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

    The transport of the chassis frames is carried out on the basis of our proven toothed chain technology.

    The chassis frames are utilised and loaded for the engine and chassis assembly until the marriage with the body takes place.

    Wegener+Stapel planned and implemented the complete conveying System, in close cooperation with Volkswagen as well as the related subcontractors for the marriage.

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    Feed out to working stations

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    Modular structure of assembly line ...

    ... with ergonomic provision of component parts

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    Placing of the empty pallets ...

    ... into unloaded run

    Conveying System at the Pre-assembly for Interior Door Lining at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

    The assembly line for interior door lining was designed, implemented and handed over ready for operation by Wegener+Stapel.

    The scope of supply comprised the complete conveying system and automation as well as special ergonomically designed workplaces for rehabilitation demands.