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  • Solutions for Intralogistics in production and distribution

    “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” (Aristoteles)!

    Also a logistic-system solution is more than the combination of logistics technology and logistics software.

    We don’t settle for the first best solution but strive to plan and install the optimal solution for our customers. High quality and sustainable efficiency characterise our solutions and systems. During the initial workshop we define, in close cooperation with the customer, an ideal solution for the project targets. This ideal solution we call "best-fit"-variant and is the master for the following development and planning of optional solutions.

    The "best-fit"-variant is not only driven by one project target like e.g. minimum cost/unit (Example: €-Cent per order-line). Rather the "best-fit" solution is the optimal match of the goal achievement matrix, closely agreed with the customer in the initial workshop. The principle of this "best-fit" approach is shown in the following scheme:

    Together with the analysis of the given situation (status quo), the coordinated definition of the desired objectives (planned situation) is the foundation for a successful realisation of the project.

    We have the experience, the methods and tools to run this process successfully in cooperation with you. After this step the milestone is reached and the course has been set to plan processes, determine technology and ergonomic interfaces between man and machine and design the "best-fit"-solution.