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    Planning future and success …

    "Prediction is difficult, especially of the future!" (Niels Bohr)

    We apply the quintessence of this famous statement to our systems and solutions design in respect to sufficient flexibility to cope with deviations between planning data and actual data.

    Main target of every investment in storage, material-flow or picking technology - besides qualitative and strategical aspects - is an increase of the operating margin. This can be achieved through smart design and implementation of efficient working methods in the entire chain of intralogistics.

    Wegener+Stapel plans, engineers and implements the "best-fit"-variant, based on the customer needs and requirements. This guarantees a sustainable efficiency combined with high longevity of the installed solution. In order to meet customers requirements a well-founded consultancy starts with a methodical analysis of the specific business situation.

    Planning and developing the "best-fit"-variant in close partnership with our customers is a major focus in reaching sustainability. Our experience in methodical and solution expertise combined with the operational excellence of the customer guarantees a successful project realisation.

    The specific scope of the project, as well as our methodical approach will be presented in an initial workshop. 

    The planning quality is guaranteed by the use of proven supporting analysis tools. These allow qualified statements about current logistic corporate key figures as well as optimisation approaches. We provide you detailed specific logistic key figures from the perspective of your operational processing. The results and the evaluation will be presented and discussed in a workshop.

    Following this analysis phase, the planning horizon as well as the target quantity structure will be defined. This is the fundamental base for subsequent design of alternative conceptual solutions.

    The evaluation of those solution alternatives will be worked out using the matrix developed in the initial workshop.