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  • Drive Box 2 with 24 Volt conveying technology


    simple + flexible + efficient

    Core benefits of the overall system

    • Independent system without additional control system
    • Logic-Software integrated in DriveBox2
    • No Bus-System existent, just 24V signals
    • Parameter setting only via DIP switch 
    • No software required 
    • Control by external logic possible
    • Brushless motor with long lifetime
    • Motor overload protection with auto-reset

    Main components of the drive system 2.0

    • DriveBox2
    • Product query by any sensor
    • 24 V motor roller
    • Slave-rollers according to demand through round belt, chain or poly-v-belt
    • Wegener+Stapel hybrid-cable - Provision and logic in one cable 

    Operating modes and flexibility

    • Contactless individual accumulation system
    • Vacant space principle during operation
    • Block removal can be activated externally
    • Reverse mode internal and external reversable
    • Combinable with external logic
    • Integrable in existing installations
    • Any number of accumulation positions stackable
    • Speeds can be preset by switch
    • Shift between two Speeds external of by sensor 
    • Direction of rotation internal and external
    • Operating on uphill and downhill gradients

    Advantages during operation

    • Developed for industrial application
    • Suitable for rough environmental conditions 
    • Integrated motor overload protection
    • Short delivery times for components
    • IP54 protected
    • maintenance free

    Economic advantages

    • Cost savings due to high availability
    • Cost savings due to zero maintenance
    • Low Installation costs
    • Low commissioning  expenses
    • Cost savings due to high energy efficiency during operation
    • Emergency Operation with minimum personnel expenses 

    Technical basic information

    • 24 volts, 2 ampere, 32 watts
    • Maximum starting current 5 ampere
    • Self-noise emission 55db(A) - whisper-quiet technology
    • Ambient temperature range 0 °C to 40 °C  
    • Realisable speed from 0,01 m/s to 1,75 m/s
    • Nominal torque up to 4,8 Nm starting torque up to 11,7 Nm
    • Transport goods up to 100Kg permissable weight
    • Up to 20 storing positions per infeed position
    • Error dispaly on site or external