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    Drive Box 2 - zero pressure accumulation 24 V conveying technology

    With the Drive Box 2 it is possible to implement the control of a zero pressure conveyor line, simply flexibly and efficiently.

    Also suitable for complex conveying installations.

    Operation with minimum energy consumption.



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    Belt conveyors and curves

    You will receive our belt conveyors in a stable and well-engineered design.

    Suitable for General goods or packaged goods, e.g. plastic material and machine parts, packaged foods.

    Horizontal, inclines or sloping conveying is possible.


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    Roller conveyors, roller tracks and -curves

    Roller track in stable design for passive unit-load handling, e.g. plastic and machine parts, boxes, Containers, packaged Foods, wheels, tyres etc.

    Suitable for horizontal or sloping conveying.

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    Chain conveyors, pulley conveyors and -transfer

    You will receive our chain and pulley conveyors in a stable and well-engineered design.

    Gentle transport of cargo and the easy way of cleaning are just a few essential features of the chain conveyor System.

    In different designs weights can be moved up to several tons, starting with a few grams.

    Pulley conveyors are able to transport goods gently and with little noise.

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    Skid conveying technology

    Our special skid conveyor modules are employed for the transport of assembled parts which build up step by step the car chassis

    Along with other elements that are part of our Portfolio like roller tracks, swiveling and rotary tables, lifters and vertical conveyors, compley material flow Systems can be put together.  

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    Lifters and vertical conveyors

    The full range of lifters and vertical conveyors enables us, to offer you an optimal solution for your tasks.

    In addition our portfolio comprises a flat-belt-compact lifter, our own development based on specific customer requirements.

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    Rotary tables

    We offer Rotary tables in stable design for general cargo for example cartons, boxes, wheels, tires as well as heavy load and pallet transport.

    As load carrying device, belt, pulley or chain conveyors may be employed. Also the use of telescopic tables is possible

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    Shuttle carriages

    Our shuttle carriages are used in a wide range of applications. We are looking for the ideal solution for each individual case.

    The modular concept enables a construction with one or two lifting devices such as chain conveyors, telescope tables or roller conveyors. Also accessories/ attachments such as contour controls, scales or Transfer Units can be placed on the shuttle carriage. Smooth acceleration through the use of frequency controlled drives and very smooth running due to coated wheels are essential Features of the product.

    We would be pleased to provide you with proposals for your objectives.

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    Safety fences

    You will receive our protective grids completely assembled with aluminium profiles and galvanised crimp screens.

     On request we manufacture fences according to customer specifications. Optionally with perforated steel plate covers, Makrolon or Plexiglas. 

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    Accessories and additional equipment

    We will be happy to send you descriptions and technical data of our special aluminium profiles for assembly technology and conveyors as well as data about our comprehensive range of additional equipment and accessories.

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